Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Thanksgiving in our home took a drastic change for us this year. We were planning one last trip out to Gamma and Grampa Barrett's cabin when we recieved news that Great Granny was seriously ill. So, we headed to Calgary to visit and make sure that everything was going to be ok. We packed a wonderful chicken dinner up to the hospital with Auntie Cheryl, Uncle Mark and the kids to celebrate with Granny. We would like to report that things are getting better for Granny and she is moving in to a new place that will be healthier for her. She's a strong lady with lots of great family that love her! Here are a few pictures from our party:

Kids, Kids and more Kids!

October has been a fun time for us. We went out camping with Gamma and Grampa Barrett and Everett managed to find a baby snake.

We had fun walking in the cooler weather and getting Everett ready for the fall.

We watched my SIL Jessie's kids for 4 days while she and Pat took a well deserved holiday to Vegas with friends. While we had the kids we went to the Petting Zoo at the Corn Maze, watched movies and had a blast with everyone! It was a little crazy but we loved it.