Monday, January 19, 2009

Closer and closer...

For all of you have been counting down just like me, there are 7 Saturdays left until the wedding. OMG! How did that happen?

For anyone who may have been away for the last month or so, the invitations have been sent and we are starting to recieve RSVP's everyday. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to recieve those little envelops in the mail. It's like getting a little gift everyday because it tells me the people who love me enough to share this wonderful and joyous occation with me (and Brock too, he's just not as attached to the little cards as I am).

Anyways, just in case anyone misplaces the information from the invitations, we are getting married March 14, 2009 at 1pm. We are getting married at the Galt Museum and Archives Viewing Gallery. After the Ceremony, we will be doing photos, and all guests will be recieving complementary Museum entrance (so you don't get bored). Cocktails will begin at 4pm, followed by dinner at 5pm. There will be a dance to follow dinner.

We have reserved 35 rooms at the Days Inn, which is down the street from the wedding. Simply call them and tell them you are reserving a room for the Barrett/Price wedding. The Lethbridge Lodge is also directly down the street, feel free to call them to price compare.

We also set up a registry at the Bay. This is really neat because you can shop online for it, or if you go in, you can choose the price range you want to buy in and they will give you the items in that range, or you can see the whole list, or you can buy by area of the store (ex: you want to by towels, they give you a list of towels we want). You can search this also using either Barrett or Price. We also welcome cash gifts, as we will be going on a Honeymoon to Cancun (YAYAY!!! We didn't think that we would be going, but we got a great deal that we couldn't pass up!).

Well, I think that is everything for now. Keep your ears open for shower information to come. We are sending all our love out to you all.