Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays! Christmas Came Early @ Our Home!

Hello all! I don't really have any new wedding information, except that the proof has been approved for printing! SOOOOooooo, I figured I would take this time to wish you all a fantastic holidays and gloat a bit that I get 16 days off for Christmas! That's right, 16 DAYS!!!

While we are on the topic of Christmas, I will share the excitement of the past few days with everyone. On Saturday (happy birthday Jessie and Anthony) we had a Christmas dinner with our friends. As a direct result, ALL of our presents got opened. I am now the proud owner of the Full Metal Alchemist series (my ALL TIME FAVORITE anime series), the new Kingdom Hearts release of Chain of Memories, the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends DS game, and several gift certificates. Brock (the lucky bugger) is ecstatic about his brand new, wicked blue Guitar, complete with stand and R.E.M. music book. We also received a new Killer Bunnies game and an expansion for Descent. All in all a productive Christmas that is not even close to being over!

This is what my life has consisted of since the epic opening of the guitar. Well, at least I know that he is happy, and he can already play pretty good, so I am excited for him to hone his skills! Yay for the hot blue guitar!

I may not have much more until after Christmas, but Happy Holidays to all, and a Very Merry Christmas!

Oh Yeah, and less than 3 months till the wedding!!! Woot Woot!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Wedding?

Hello everyone (if there is still anyone who reads this, it has been ages since I last wrote). We have been absolutely swamped in wedding, christmas, work and studying! Brock wrote the exam for his first CIP course on friday. I am excited to see how he did, I am sure he ace'd it (for all of the hours he spent on it)! We also chose our wedding invitations on friday. I am excited to see how they turn out. We should be getting a proof later this week and then it will take 10 days or so to get them!

In November, the Bridesmaids dresses arrived. I haven't had a chance to see them yet, but I hear that they are beautiful! Michelle's fit perfectly, Jessie's needs to be altered a bit (atleast I am not alone) and Renee didn't even try hers (you know, because she's not 8 months pregnant yet!). We also picked our JP. She is a fantastic, funny and kind woman. I am really looking forward to working with her. Now we just have to work in the scheduling of the actual day! I am having slight anxiety about how much that entails! We booked our DJ also. We decided to go with Bullet Music and we are excited to see how that turns out. I have heard lots of great things about them. Seems like everything is coming together. It is so hard to believe that there is only 3 months and 1 week left until the day.

I want to send a HUGE shout out to Trevor for helping us to design our CD booklets and prints! I think that so far they look amazing and stand in awe of your talent. I also want to thank Deb for all her hard work on the slide show and for ordering capes and shawls for the girls and I (THANKS MOM)!

I am sure there is stuff that I am missing, but now that I am in the mood for blogging again and have things to talk about, I will be back.

Oh ya, and I am looking for new Twilight news to keep me going now that the books and movie are all done for now...ANY news.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coming Together

I am titling this entry coming together for two reasons. First is that things for the wedding are starting to come together. We have officially booked Sven Ericksons for food, we just have to go pick out the menu. We also have met with all of the DJ's we were considering and are now trying to make a decision. It's really hard! We have come down to two companies that we have a connection to (ie: we know the people who run them) and they each have their strong points, so now we have to pick one. Grrrr! I don't want to pick. Maybe I will play eeny, meeny, mieny, mo. That sounds like a smart way to pick a DJ service for the most important day of my (our) lives (he, he, he, NOT!). We also met with Bishop Steed today to discuss the possibility that he might be able to perform our civil ceremony. He was very kind, but we still need to meet with the local JP's to make sure we get the best fit for us. Oh! and the Bridesmaid dresses arrived. I really hate the store that we used to order the dresses from. They totally lied about how long they would take to arrive, which messed up some of the things that I wanted to do. Raspberries for them. We are currently debating where to set up registries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The second that we have entered into the time of the year when it seems like our families come together more often. We have managed to see most of our family in the last couple weeks and we are blessed that Brock's little sister Renee and her son Jonas are here to visit for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the semester so Renee's husband Matt was only able to come for a day. We miss him, but at least he was here briefly. We might also get to see him briefly (always briefly) at Christmas (yayayayayay Christmas!!!!!!). We had some awesome times playing Killer Bunnies (yes, now almost everyone has been drawn into our twisted pleasure of killing bunnies, mwahahaha).

On an unrelated note, WE GOT A WII FIT!!!!! Poor Brock, the Wii Fit is doing some serious hits to his self esteem. As a result, he has now embarked on a diet. I think that it sucks, because it doesn't only affect him. I also have to watch what I eat, simply because there is no point of cooking stuff just for me. I am too lazy to cook two meals. Oh well, I will do what I must to support him, and it'll be good for me too. Although according to the Wii Fit, I am well within the normal range, and almost at the optimal range (Sweet! Take that everyone who has recently asked me if I am pregnant or suggested that I have gained weight! And, no, I am still not pregnant, thanks for asking!).

Brock would like me to mention that Fable 2 comes out on Tuesday. Yay. Well I am discussing things that are coming out soon, High School Musical 3 comes out on Friday and Twilight comes out on November 21st. Yay!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall has arrived!

So this is what we have to look forward to in the near future. I am excited, nervose, and a bit upset. Oh well, here's to a few more sunny days. Anyways, a little bit of a wedding update. My dress, as you already know has arrived and I had my first fitting. I was super stoked to discover that my seamstress who was supposed to be on holidays from November to April has decided to cut her holidays short and return in January! Yay for not having to find another seamstress. Also, apparently we have secured Sven Ericksons to do the catering. I say apparently because my soon to be mother-in-law is arranging this. We also have a bunch of meetings with DJ's and hopefully will have some with JP's soon. Crap, where is all the time going!

On a completely unrelated topic, two of the series that I read (the Inheritance AKA Eragon, and House of Night) came out in September. I am happy and a little bit sad to say that I am finished them both and currently in need of something new and awesome to read. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyhoo, TTFN and all of our love!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slow to get well

So I have been surprisingly absent from the computer over the past week. Work has been very tiring yet fulfilling. I have been fighting my sickness and Brock returned home to come down with my sickness also. I was ticked because I had to suffer through the worst of my cold without him and then he comes home, gets sick and has me to look after him. Bah humbug!!! Anyways, his trip was (apparently) awesome and I will post photos soon, but as before I have run into the problem of transferring photos. Good news however! On his trip, Brock got so ticked off at the camera that he bought me a new one! It is super cool and blue! So, from now on I just have to plug it in and pull the photos off (as soon as I learn how to take them...).

Anton and Marcy named their little girl Abigail Rose and we have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet, with all of the sickness going around. This weekend is looking good though. I will post more in the next day or two, including photos of the trip.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Alone...

So, Brock is off to New York with his brother Trevor and their dad Ralph. This means that I am currently home alone. BORING!!! Oh well, atleast I can't say that so far it hasn't been exciting. Brock left for Calgary Thursday night, all I did was chill and get sick. Friday, I was abruptly woken at 2:30 am by our great friends (and I truly mean that) Anton & Marcy telling me that they were headed to the hospital because Marcy was in labour. I got such an early wake-up call because I was lucky enough to be allowed to babysit their wonderfully fluffy little pom. Friday was a day spent on the edge of my seat awaiting any news about the new little wonder. Anthony and I went to the mall and dinner to pass the time (because he told Brock he'd not let me bored). We were trying to decide how to pass time until a movie that neither of us wanted see when Anton called to say that they had a baby girl. So off the hospital we raced. I was luck enough that they found me a mask so I could go in to see the hours-old little miracle! she is beautiful and I have never been more proud or excited for any of my friends! They havn't picked a name yet, but as soon as they do, I will let you know!

Today has started off slow, my cold has gotten worse I think and I am waiting to hear from Anton and Marcy (yup still) to see if they will be going home today. If they do, I will be off to Calgary until Sunday night to do canning with my mom. If not, I'll be hanging out with a bunch of wild dogs that you'd think I found in a field somewhere for how fiesty they are. Humph. All the while, Brock is having a blast in New York. Oh well, I got to see the baby first...hehehe!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 3

Today was much better. I have made it through the day with only 1. Count it, 1! I am really proud of myself. I went all the way until 4:30 and then I decided to have a half of a smoke. It made me really dizzy. Then I waited until 7:30 to have the rest. They don't really feel as good as they used to. I hope that means this is getting easier. Anyways, I decided that even if I can only get down to one a day, that is alright with me. I will keep trying to have a zero day, but I am at peace with the idea that I might have days that are harder and days that are easier. Oh, and the smoking before bed theory was no good. Still couldn't sleep. We'll see how tonight goes, sans smoking. Oh, and I found a great cigarette replacement. Crazy Cakes mini cupcakes. They totally killed my cravings, although I think they might become one of their own. Brock doesn't approve, and for all of you who have participated in the food controversy of late, you can understand what tactic he used to convince me. Ha, ha, real funny honey!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2...

Today has been better. It was really helpful that today was the first day of school for me at a new school. This meant that I had no attachment between breaks and smoking, so I didn't have to find something else to do instead of going out to smoke. I was doing great until Brock picked me up and all I could think about was that there were smokes at home. But it wasn't awful. And I went a whole 19hrs without one. I also cheated a bit by stealing puffs from a friend while he smoked. I know, I know it's bad, but hey, if I can get to a point where the only cigarette smoke I have is while out with a friend I steal a drag, I am ok with that. I slept terribly (I think I was having "nic-fits" through the night), waking up every 2hrs. I am currently debating if I am throwing caution to the wind and having another smoke before bed to see if I can sleep better. I know that is not a solution, but if I know that bed is my bad time, I will be more motivated to make it through the rest of the day, so that I can feel a bit better about only having one. I'll let you know how the debate ends up tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for all of your support and to my wonderful husband-to-be for putting up with a crazy woman and being so encouraging and proud of my baby steps! I Love You!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


So, to most peoples surprise (I am sure), I am announcing that today was my first day smoke-free. Well, at least I would love to say that, but I did have 2 smokes to get me through. Pretty good I think since I typically smoke between 7 and 10 a day. I went for a straight 15hrs without having one, and then I only took 4 puffs to take the edge off. Unfortunately, after that it was significantly harder to not have a smoke, but today is just day 1. Tomorrow will be easier. As long as work is not too stressful. I won't bore you all with my tale of struggle and Brock's almost insanity because of me (who knew that smokers could be so emotional when they were not smoking)! I still look at it as I have quit, but sometimes I need something to take the edge off. I told a frend of mine that if I can put off having a smoke until the evening, that is all I am asking. Because one day, the evening will come and I won't want that one. And I can always try again tomorrow if I do want it. So, until tomorrow, wish me luck!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Post

So I decided to try out a new template for our blog. I love it because it is so bright and happy! I got the idea from my sister-in-law (some times I wonder what I would do without her, she picks my paint color and tells me about good movies, what will she do for me next?), so I checked out this Blog. I instantly fell in love with the Aspen, and I thought it was fitting for our wedding blog, given that our colors are red and white. So I hope you enjoy and I will keep searching for fun blog layouts.

As you may have noticed, there is a huge picture of the band Oasis at the top of this post. I felt the need to let everyone know that we attended the Oasis concert in Calgary on Saturday August 30, 2008. It was a blast! It definitely provided some much needed nostalgia, as they played 4, count it 4, songs off of their (What's the Story) Morning Glory album, which we all know was the best (hee, hee, hee). The music was awesome, the lights so bright I wore sunglasses, but the energy was missing from the crowd and band (Noel said he had a cold, atleast that's what we think he said. Personally, I think he was tanked!). The highlight of our night was an adventurous trip on the train. We got to meet some sweet English rowdies who were willing to take a swing for us when one of Calgary's more "colorful" inhabitants smushed Anthony into a seat. Thanks Guys, you made the night!

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Wedding & Home Info

So, we currently have less than 7 months until the wedding. Everyone excited?? I know that I am, although there is so much that still needs to be done. We still need to figure out what DJ we are going to be using, what we are doing about food, and what kind of decorations we want. We still need to find a JP, do all of our fittings and pick invitations. Too much to worry about right now, but it will get done in time. I hope. Anyways, I just finished burning a first draft of our wedding favor CD and I think we have almost decided what our centerpeices are going to look like. Here's a photo:

We found stones that have inspirational words on them and thought that it might be cool to include one in each centerpeice. We bought all the ones that say 'believe', 'love', and 'hope'. I think they are super cool looking. Our only debate now is if we want them all to have black stones or if we want to alternate black and white, and then have different colored tables. Decisions, decisions.

I also went in to try on my dress. I purposefully ordered a size up so that I wouldn't have to worry about my weight. The size the store had barely fit (I had red lines down my body because it was so tight, but it did up), so I thought the next size would be a bit big, but close enough. And hey, I'd rather take it in than out. HAHAHAHA! My dress fits EXACTLY the same as the one in the store, except maybe in the bust. Now I feel like I need to loose a couple of inches, so guess who won't be indulging over christmas? Me. Not Brock, or the rest of the wedding party, but me. Can you tell I'm a bit ticked?

I also finally got around to taking photos of our new home. I'll post a few so that those of you who are too far away or unable to make it can see it. Not much, but we love it and it has lots of perks!

This is the Kitchen:

My green bathroom/laundry room (thanks Jessie!):

Our front room (yes there are curtains):

Our computer room (or the dump room):

Our room:

The perks are as follows: air conditioning (we thought we would not use it, who were we kidding?), a gas fireplace, a big back yard for the poopies (Kaida and Achillies), and lots of storage (granted it is outside, but covered from the elements). We love it lots and we think that for our first home we did pretty good. Did I mention that one of the selling features was that the computer room was the purfect size for an adorable nursary (one day, not too soon!). We also have another room (the John Deere room because it is grass green and used to be yellow, so some of the edges still show the yellow...), but I was being considerate of messy roomie Paul. Check you all later!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tiny Wedding Update

So, I have a tiny wedding update. My dress arrived today and although I am beginning to believe that the girls who work at the store that I got it at are a bit slow, I am really excited. Now all I have to do is figure out how I am going to get it altered. All in time... we still have atleast 5 months until I really have to worry about that. Also Brock made it to Calgary to pick up the vases. Currently, we have 17 vases sitting on our counter. I may need to find somewhere else to store them until the wedding, but we'll figure it out. Tomorrow we will begin the search for rocks and ribbon. Fun. Still no news on the DJ scene, nor the catering. Maybe one day I will feel like we are on top of everything! Here is a picture of our first draft of the center pieces:

Until I have more to tell you, I am signing off. Oh, and I am warning everyone to stay away from evil stinging bugs at the beach. For the second time in as many weeks, I have swollen, blistered feet from some thing that is eating my feet. The Dr's answer? Avoid the beach, so I am passing it on! Beaches are EVIL!

Monday, August 4, 2008


So, as promised, here are some photos of some fine looking people who went out to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn. I think that these pics are awesome and that we were super hot! At the release party at Chapters, Anthony won a free book for being "Best Dressed" and Brock was interviewed by a report from City TV about Twilight. All in All, it was a fun evening, followed by a long reading session.

Also, because I was not able to send this into the people who dreamed it up, I wanted to post a picture of my contribution to the "Twilight Hour". This was a project created by a group of people not so patiently awaiting the release of Breaking Dawn. I thought it was really unique and right up my alley, so I joined in.

The purpose was to show your support and anticipation of Breaking Dawn by wearing the phrase ".: The Twilight Hour :." on your left hand around your thumb (where Bella was bitten). You could then submit your photo to a website and the photo's were combined into a movie (available on You Tube). I wasn't able to send mine because our computer network was down, but now that my photos are available, here is my contibution!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finally Here!!!!

Ok, so I realize that everyone who reads this blog may not feel the way that I do about Twilight, but I just can't hold back today. As some of you may know, at 12:01am this morning Breaking Dawn, the 4th installment in the Twilight saga was released. This has been a much awaited event ever since I put down Eclipse almost a year ago and said to my sister-in-laws "there has got to be more to the story"! Sure enough, I soon found out that there was another book to come out someday... And that someday was today! This may seem slightly incoherent and irrelevant to be posting in our blog, but I am working on 2 hrs of sleep, so what do you want? I am pleased to say that it took me a measly 20 hrs (almost straight) to read the 756 page book, and despite some imagined worry about the way it would turn out, I am impressed. Maybe not the way I would have done things, but hey, that's why Stephanie Meyer gets paid the big bucks to write the stories, not me!I am committed to not giving anything away, so I will end now before temptation overwhelms me. Oh ya, and did I mention that we attended the Lethbridge Chapters Midnight Masquerade? Photos will hopefully be posted in the next post (if I can figure out a way to get them from my other computer to the laptop (????). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Wedding has not really changed, except that my lovely sister-in-law Renee has agreed to stand up with me, along with Jessie (my other wonderfel sister-in-law) and Michelle (Brock's long time friend who has come to the dark side and loves me more now!). We will be finishing the Bridesmaid dress orders on Monday. Here's a sample of what they look like (only in Red with White edging):

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There's no news like, well, no news!

So, life in our little world is fairly boring. There is not alot to disclose about how the wedding is coming, except that I have finally paid off my dress and we are currently buying the girls their dresses. Oh, and we started writing our invite list. I (tasha, who else?) am currently on a weeks holidays and due to boredom wish that I was at work. This sucks because when I go back to work, I'll probably feel like I have had no vacation. Also, anticipation for Breaking Dawn is threatening to prematurely kill me (not really). All I can tell myself to maintain my calm is only 2 more days, only 2 more days. I think that Brock is beginning to loath Stephanie Meyer because he hardly gets a moment of non-Twilight related discussion. Hey, his fault for reading it too, right? If he'd never read it, I couldn't talk about it.

I am excited to announce that my sister-in-law Renee is coming home this weekend (a week early, although not for good reasons)! I miss her more each time that she leaves. She is also bringing us our long lost 4th addition to the house. Kaida will soon be reunited with her first 4 legged love. Hopefully that will work out well. Oh well, tata for now! Lots of Love to you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our First Post Ever!

Hi Everyone! Well, ok everyone is like 4 people right now but that's alright. This is our first post ever and really it was just to see if we could do it. Let me tell you, it was a bit touch and go there for awhile. However, after deleting our photo twice and then managing to delete the whole post, I think we may have gotten it. Either way, we are now going to bed (as it is 20 after 12, and Brock has to work in the morning), so I will try again tomorrow during my unlimited alone time (at least until 5:30). Good night and only 3 more days (wink, wink)!