Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh my Son!

So, some of you may have heard me refer to my Son as a bit OCD. He frequently repeats words and has a hard time moving from certain events or occurances. Last night I recieved what I feel was a bit of justification of my concerns. While reading a story with Daddy before bed, a page was ripped while being turned. After the story, Daddy put the book up and put Everett to bed. A few minutes later, Everett comes out of his room. This is typical, almost every night he comes out of bed and I go up, put him back in his bed and give him a new book to look at and leave (I think it's his little way of getting up both to tuck him in). Everett proceeds to ask me for the book he has just read with Daddy. I hand it to him and he tells me it is broken. I ask what happend, he shows me and Brock explaines that it was an accident. I tell him it is ok and that we will fix it in the morning. I tuck him in, give him a kiss and say good night, leaving said book in his careful hands (other than 1 eaten page when we first started giving him paper books, he is very gentle with the books). I come up on my way to bed to check on him to find this...
This is what the tear started with...
On another note, here is a picture of our beautiful 8 week old little girl. She is growing so fast and starting to look so much like her big brother. I wish she was a bit easier to make happy sometimes though...Oh well, she is pretty amazing!

Our First Post Ever!!!

So I came upon this draft of a post from when we first started the Blog. I am not sure where it has been hiding, but I thought it might be fun to post it so everyone can see where it all started. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone! Ok so probably like 4 people right now, but that's ok! This is our first ever post and it is going to be really short because, well it's 10mins after 12 and Brock has to work tomorrow. I however will try to come up with something better tomorrow during my unlimited time alone (at least until 5:30). Good night everyone and only 3 more days (wink, wink)!