Saturday, June 30, 2012


Well, when I looked at my blog to start this post I realized just how behind we were. Apparently I have been neglectful for well over a year! Well, as an attempt to rectify this, I will try to catch up. Forgive me if I miss anything...

I suppose I should start with the biggest changes of the year. In February we learned that Brock was the new Insurance Manager for the Grande Prairie AMA Center. The first weekend of March, he loaded as much as he could into the Saturn and left to start his new job. Over the next 3 months, Everett and I worked hard to pack up the house so that we could come join him.

This was especially difficult for us because we were expecting our 2nd child and I was still on contract with FJS. On May13 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our little family! Her name is Riley Louise Price and she was born at 8:24am on Mother's Day. She weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and was 21 inches. Her birth could not have been any more different from Everett's and she arrived naturally (no induction or medication) one week before her due date. Labour lasted a total of 9 hours start to finish! The unfortunate part of the smooth birth was that Brock missed it. He caught the first flight available, but he was still in Edmonton when Riley was born.

Our move up was difficult. We had to say goodbye for now to our wonderful families and great friends. Gramma Reggie and Papa John were so amazing, watching Everett for us when Riley was born and putting us up for 2 weeks before we moved on to Calgary on our move to Grande Prairie. Thank you both for all the help and love you shared with us! Gamma and Big Papa were a big help and wonderful to us during our stay in Calgary, we love you bunches!!

When we did finally arrive, we were essentially homeless for about a week. Let me clarify, we had a home, but nothing in it. Not even a chair. You cannot truly appreciate a chair until you have sat and slept on the floor for 4 days. Oh well, we are mostly settled in now. One day we will laugh about the whole thing...maybe...

Everett has grown into a fabulous 2 year old. He loves to play outside, color and do crafts and play with any toys that have wheels. He is working on learning to ride a trike, say the alphabet and count to 10. So far he can repeat the alphabet after you and counts "1, 2, 5, 9 and 10". Everett is fully entrenched in the world of make believe. He recently has fought a dragon at Kakwa Stone and believe it or not our house appears to be infested with wolves. He is a wonderful big brother and loves his little sister. He likes to play with her, talk to her and help me when I ask him to . I am somewhat surprised that he has not been more jealous. The worst thing he does is forget to be careful around her. He has accidentally kicked her in the head a few times and thrown toys at her, but he is almost as upset about it as I am, if not more!

Unfortunately, more often than not, we are dealing with the terrible twos. Everett's favorite words are "No" and "Mine". We are at a loss for how to discipline him. We have tried time outs, loss of toys and even spanking. Nothing seems to have any effect. In fact most of the time he just acts worse. Its heart breaking because he is such a sweet boy when we have the ablility to give him all our attention  but as soon as we try to do something else, he is rotten. Any ideas would be welcome.

Riley is a sweet girl. She has grown a huge amount in the her first 6 weeks. She is now 9 lbs 15 oz. I cannot believe how much she has changed. I am pretty sure that she will have blue eyes, although they are still very dark blue. She has very little hair and seems to loose more every day. Riley is a good night time sleeper, but sleeps only short amounts during the day (like Everett did). I think that she has a touch of colic because sometimes she just screams and screams for no reason, but it is not all the time and never for too long. She also is pretty pukey and I often wonder if she (or I) will ever be dry again. Riley LOVES to be held and HATES being in the car seat. This is a problem since the new stroller I bought requires her to be in the car seat for now. She is pretty wonderful! I will add a recent photo as soon as I figure out how to get it off of Brock's Iphone.

Well, I think that covers the important stuff. Sorry that I took so long to post this, our house is infested with borrowers and things keep vanishing. I only just found the plug-in for the laptop and still have not found the charger for the camera. Pictures will be few and far between unfortunately, but I will try my best.

Lots of love to all!