Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Aftermath

Ok, ok, ok, I know I am not the worlds best blogger, but I am going to try really hard to get back on it. As this is the first post since the wedding and consequent honeymoon, there will be significant absence of photos (also, I haven't really figured out how to put pictures on since it changed).


The wedding was AMAZING!!! Everything was more than I could have dreamed. Brock was very handsome, the groomsmen were striking, the 'maids were beautiful and the guests were wonderful. Everything went off without a hitch and although my feet were killing me, I was sad to leave so early. I hear that the party raged on into the night and a good time was had by all. I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our family and friends who helped to make everything so beautiful and fun. I want to specifically thank my parents and Brock's parents (thanks Mom for keeping me sane and busting your ass to keep me smiling!!). I would like to thank Anthony for being my 'supplier' and awesome dance partner/best friend, Anton for being the best looking groomsman (and providing me with a surrogate child), Trevor for the most awesome speech EVER, Renee for sticking it out long into the night, Jessie for managing the little ones and bringing her great smile, Michelle for giving me someone to be inappropriate with, Hadley and Rawley for being the cutest Flower Girl and Ring Bearer I have ever seen, and last but not least Adonus, Mary, Marcy and Melissa for all of the behind the scenes things you did for us (like getting lunch, checking us into our hotel room, getting our quilt pieces signed, you know what you did!!!!)! Daddy, your speech was fantastic. Ralph, all I can say is thank you!!

Just so that everyone knows, we are working on Thank Yous!


Cancun was a ton of fun, in the sense that we did ABSOLUTELY nothing pretty much the entire time. Brock and I ventured off of the resort for a total of 1 and half days that we were there. We visited Market 28 and were accosted by merchants so we only stayed for a brief time. Then we bused up to the other market area and ate at the Rainforest Cafe (it was neat, but I wish we would have gone for authentic Mexican as the only time we ate off the resort). We walked down to Senor Frogs and Margaretaville after eating and then went back to the resort. After that adventure, we spent two more days on the beach and just before heading home, we took a sweet diner cruise with Captain Hook. It was very entertaining and a great way to end off our trip. By the way, yes my husband IS burnt, but only because he doesn't listen to his wife, imagine that!


So, to top off the end of a wonderful wedding and relaxing honeymoon, I was able to spend an enchanted evening with the man of my dreams. No, I don't mean Brock, although he was there also. I mean...GAVIN ROSSDALE!!!!! For the UN-informed, my all time favorite band ever in existence is Bush, whose lead singer for most of my life was my first choice as husband (a girl can dream). Now, he is just at the top of favorite famous people (along with his wife, Gwen Stephani). Anyways, after an incredibly long introduction, here is the point. On Saturday, after arriving home from a very, very long and turbulent plane ride, Brock and I attended an intimate concert evening with Gavin Rossdale. We were front row! It unequivocally was the best concert event of my life. I was close enough to touch and to top it all off, he not only sang his newest releases, but he also played some Bush and Institute (another of his bands). The highlight for me was when he sang my favorite song (EVER!!!!) Glycerin and Brock was able to record it on our camera from start to finish. Talk about the ULTIMATE way to end off our honeymoon!

Aside from the wonderful times had by all, we had the honor of coming home to a brand new nephew. He is beautiful and amazing, arriving in the world at a whopping 9lbs, 3 ounces and 20 inches long. I am so sorry Renee :( that must have hurt! But we are super excited that he is here, now settle on a name for the poor little guy(Teehee).

I also would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my other sister-in-law Jessie because she is expecting again. Ok guys, send me whatever you have been drinking/eating because apparently it works! I need some baby luck sent my way!

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My trick was a trip to Mexico!! We'll see if it worked for you!