Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Anniversary and a Birthday!

So the past month we celebrated not only our 2nd anniversary, but also Everett's 1st birthday. It all passed without much pomp and circumstance as we were pretty broke. I had managed to put away a little bit of money, so in a last minute decision we took off for Banff to celebrate. Unfortunately, our little man had other ideas about our celebration and spent the weekend throwing up. Thank goodness the wonderful manager at the Mount Royal Hotel was kind enough to re-emburse us the cost of our room. The next weekend, we celebrated Everett's birthday by having a family dinner at Grandma Reggie and Papa John's house. Everett had a blast playing with his cousins and opening some presants and then we took him swimming in the evening. I splurged by making him monster cupcakes. I think that they turned out pretty cute! Check 'em out:

Here are some of the things that Everett can do now that he is a big 1 year old:

~He can walk, although I would say that it wasn't until last week that he was doing it most of the time. So even though he took his first steps at 11 months, he wasn't "walking" until 13 months.

~He still loves swimming and now he splashes and laughes and tries to swim in the little pool.

~He weighs 26 lbs!!! He is one heavy dude, but he has stopped growing as fast and we might actually get to wear 12 month clothing for more than a month (or like 9 month clothes, miss them altogether).

~He can climb, and climb he does. His favorite place is the green chair in the front room.

~He LOVES the playground, but especially the slide. Unfortuantely, mommy has forgotten the camera everytime we have gone to the park, except the first time and it was too busy for the slide that day! ~He has the curliest hair now that it has grown a bit. I am sad to cut it, but I think it will grow better if we shave it off. We will see!

Well, I know it was a bit over due, but there you have it. Can you believe so much can happen in two years?

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