Monday, October 29, 2012

4 and 5 months

Wow! Where does time get to? It seems everytime I sit down to try and blog, months have past and I am wayyyyy behind. Oh well. When you have this beckoning to you, how do you argue?

I was brave at the end of September and took our very first trip home to visit. Going home to family and friends was amazing and renewing, however the trip itself was kind of a gong show. Getting to Calgary took hours longer than it should have, Riley decided that sleep was for the weak, and Everett did nothing but fight with his cousin while we were in Lethbridge. At the same time, we were able to stay with Gamma and Big Papa in Calgary, visit the zoo, and visit all the Great's we don't often get to see.

Then we were off the Lethbridge to stay with Gramma Reggie and Papa John and hang out with Auntie Jessie and the kids. Everett was able to spend a tonne of time playing with his cousins while I went to lunch with the beautiful ladies at the court house, we had lunch with our favorite dinner date Jenny, and spent a lot of time with Auntie Adonus.
 Auntie Adonus, Joscy and Nic spoiled the kids rotten! We had such a wonderful time. Brock flew down to have Thanksgiving with his family and then we started the trek back home. Why do the kids travel well for him?!?
Riley is now 5 (almost 6!?!?!?) months old. She is sooo big! When Riley went for her 4 month immunizations, she was weighing in at 14 lbs, 6 oz, and 24.5 inches long. We haven't made it to get her weighed in a bit but I can tell you she has had at least one big growth spurt and is definitely due for another. Riley is working on getting teeth as well, which has caused some sleepless nights and cranky days, but all in all she is generally happy. We started trying cereal yesterday as well. WOW! That was really not her favorite thing so far!

Riley likes to spend time in her Excisaucer and playing on the floor, but her heart truly belongs to the Jolly Jumper. She is becoming quite the little mover and shaker often wiggling herself around the living room, sometimes even under the couch. Brock seems to think she is gonna crawl any day now, I hope he is wrong! Could you imagine these two being mobile together? My house may not survive!

We are currently in the deep freeze known as winter in Grande Prairie. Perhaps deep freeze is not the appropriate term, as the lowest temperature was only -15, but I have never seen snow like this! We already have a pile 3 feet deep in front of our house and it has only been snowing about a week. It is amazing and beautiful to watch it snow here. The flakes are big, fluffy, white and heavy! No blowing ice like southern AB (although I am sure we will get some of that too).

Apparently snow this heavy is unusual, so we had quite the task of finding Everett a snow suit and boots. The one we did find has a HUGE jacket, but the pants seem to fit alright. There were no pant/jacket seperates anywhere we looked.

Everett is still Everett, changing and growing in a less obvious but no less amazing way. He is becomeing a loving, kind and respectful, but quite willful, young man. He keeps my days sparkling, adventurous, hectic and sometimes deranged, but I would not trade him for anything.

      Welcome to our little life!


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The Brandleys said...

Oh I miss those little faces! I can't wait to see you guys again!