Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coming Together

I am titling this entry coming together for two reasons. First is that things for the wedding are starting to come together. We have officially booked Sven Ericksons for food, we just have to go pick out the menu. We also have met with all of the DJ's we were considering and are now trying to make a decision. It's really hard! We have come down to two companies that we have a connection to (ie: we know the people who run them) and they each have their strong points, so now we have to pick one. Grrrr! I don't want to pick. Maybe I will play eeny, meeny, mieny, mo. That sounds like a smart way to pick a DJ service for the most important day of my (our) lives (he, he, he, NOT!). We also met with Bishop Steed today to discuss the possibility that he might be able to perform our civil ceremony. He was very kind, but we still need to meet with the local JP's to make sure we get the best fit for us. Oh! and the Bridesmaid dresses arrived. I really hate the store that we used to order the dresses from. They totally lied about how long they would take to arrive, which messed up some of the things that I wanted to do. Raspberries for them. We are currently debating where to set up registries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The second that we have entered into the time of the year when it seems like our families come together more often. We have managed to see most of our family in the last couple weeks and we are blessed that Brock's little sister Renee and her son Jonas are here to visit for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the semester so Renee's husband Matt was only able to come for a day. We miss him, but at least he was here briefly. We might also get to see him briefly (always briefly) at Christmas (yayayayayay Christmas!!!!!!). We had some awesome times playing Killer Bunnies (yes, now almost everyone has been drawn into our twisted pleasure of killing bunnies, mwahahaha).

On an unrelated note, WE GOT A WII FIT!!!!! Poor Brock, the Wii Fit is doing some serious hits to his self esteem. As a result, he has now embarked on a diet. I think that it sucks, because it doesn't only affect him. I also have to watch what I eat, simply because there is no point of cooking stuff just for me. I am too lazy to cook two meals. Oh well, I will do what I must to support him, and it'll be good for me too. Although according to the Wii Fit, I am well within the normal range, and almost at the optimal range (Sweet! Take that everyone who has recently asked me if I am pregnant or suggested that I have gained weight! And, no, I am still not pregnant, thanks for asking!).

Brock would like me to mention that Fable 2 comes out on Tuesday. Yay. Well I am discussing things that are coming out soon, High School Musical 3 comes out on Friday and Twilight comes out on November 21st. Yay!!

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