Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Wedding?

Hello everyone (if there is still anyone who reads this, it has been ages since I last wrote). We have been absolutely swamped in wedding, christmas, work and studying! Brock wrote the exam for his first CIP course on friday. I am excited to see how he did, I am sure he ace'd it (for all of the hours he spent on it)! We also chose our wedding invitations on friday. I am excited to see how they turn out. We should be getting a proof later this week and then it will take 10 days or so to get them!

In November, the Bridesmaids dresses arrived. I haven't had a chance to see them yet, but I hear that they are beautiful! Michelle's fit perfectly, Jessie's needs to be altered a bit (atleast I am not alone) and Renee didn't even try hers (you know, because she's not 8 months pregnant yet!). We also picked our JP. She is a fantastic, funny and kind woman. I am really looking forward to working with her. Now we just have to work in the scheduling of the actual day! I am having slight anxiety about how much that entails! We booked our DJ also. We decided to go with Bullet Music and we are excited to see how that turns out. I have heard lots of great things about them. Seems like everything is coming together. It is so hard to believe that there is only 3 months and 1 week left until the day.

I want to send a HUGE shout out to Trevor for helping us to design our CD booklets and prints! I think that so far they look amazing and stand in awe of your talent. I also want to thank Deb for all her hard work on the slide show and for ordering capes and shawls for the girls and I (THANKS MOM)!

I am sure there is stuff that I am missing, but now that I am in the mood for blogging again and have things to talk about, I will be back.

Oh ya, and I am looking for new Twilight news to keep me going now that the books and movie are all done for now...ANY news.


The Brandleys said...

Yay! Wedding stuff! I can't wait to get there and see you guys. Oh Hello you didn't hear about movie 2? That's somehing to look forward to.

Jessie said...

Thanks for telling her! That was my big Twilight news!!! Any schedule dates yet? But Tasha add to your bloglines and you will get updates all the time.