Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing, Jumping and Camping!

Everett is now 4 months old! He is working hard to become a big boy! When we visited the Dr last week, he weighed 16lbs and 8oz. I can't believe that he is more than double his birth weight already. All I keep thinking is what happened to my little boy? Here are a couple pictures of him at 4 months. Along with being twice his birth weight, Everett is developing in other ways. He can now fully manuvor his Exersaucer and play with most of the toys.

He has started to use a Jolly Jumper and absolutely LOVES it! He adopted a Bumbo chair from Auntie Jessie and spends some time in it (although it makes him puke most of the time). He also can sit on the couch as long as he has back support. As you can tell, he constantly has his fingers in his mouth although he doesn't specifically suck on one or another. This weekend we spent camping with Gramma and Grampa Barrett. We had a great time, although it took us a full night and part of another of screaming to figure out how to get Everett to sleep. He really hates sleeping with us, so he ended up sleeping in his stroller. Whatever, he was happy! We also took him out on Grampa's boat. He was mesmerized by the wake at the back of the boat. He is a wonder! There is never a quiet moment when Everett is awake, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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