Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something fun!

So I don't really have too much new to write about. Everett is quickly approaching 5 months (as in tomorrow, yikes)! I will try to get a good shot of him to put up, as well as a shot of him sitting. Yup, thats right sitting. I am still too afraid to let him do it without me right there, but he is able to sit and balance for well over 15 minutes. The problem starts when he decided that he is done and he just flops backwards. Last week, while visiting Jenny and Hailey, he did just that and smacked his head on the laminate. Oops! Any ways, here are some pictures and movies to tide you over for a bit!
We also spent the long weekend visiting Gamma and Gampa Barrett in Stuart Valley at the cabin. Everett did great and loved spending time with them. Mommy and Daddy also had a great time playing around with Gamma's quad. Check it out! Here is a one and only photo of Mommy and Everett. Cherish it because there are not many of them.

We send you all lots of love, XOXOXOXO!!

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