Friday, August 22, 2008

New Wedding & Home Info

So, we currently have less than 7 months until the wedding. Everyone excited?? I know that I am, although there is so much that still needs to be done. We still need to figure out what DJ we are going to be using, what we are doing about food, and what kind of decorations we want. We still need to find a JP, do all of our fittings and pick invitations. Too much to worry about right now, but it will get done in time. I hope. Anyways, I just finished burning a first draft of our wedding favor CD and I think we have almost decided what our centerpeices are going to look like. Here's a photo:

We found stones that have inspirational words on them and thought that it might be cool to include one in each centerpeice. We bought all the ones that say 'believe', 'love', and 'hope'. I think they are super cool looking. Our only debate now is if we want them all to have black stones or if we want to alternate black and white, and then have different colored tables. Decisions, decisions.

I also went in to try on my dress. I purposefully ordered a size up so that I wouldn't have to worry about my weight. The size the store had barely fit (I had red lines down my body because it was so tight, but it did up), so I thought the next size would be a bit big, but close enough. And hey, I'd rather take it in than out. HAHAHAHA! My dress fits EXACTLY the same as the one in the store, except maybe in the bust. Now I feel like I need to loose a couple of inches, so guess who won't be indulging over christmas? Me. Not Brock, or the rest of the wedding party, but me. Can you tell I'm a bit ticked?

I also finally got around to taking photos of our new home. I'll post a few so that those of you who are too far away or unable to make it can see it. Not much, but we love it and it has lots of perks!

This is the Kitchen:

My green bathroom/laundry room (thanks Jessie!):

Our front room (yes there are curtains):

Our computer room (or the dump room):

Our room:

The perks are as follows: air conditioning (we thought we would not use it, who were we kidding?), a gas fireplace, a big back yard for the poopies (Kaida and Achillies), and lots of storage (granted it is outside, but covered from the elements). We love it lots and we think that for our first home we did pretty good. Did I mention that one of the selling features was that the computer room was the purfect size for an adorable nursary (one day, not too soon!). We also have another room (the John Deere room because it is grass green and used to be yellow, so some of the edges still show the yellow...), but I was being considerate of messy roomie Paul. Check you all later!

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The Brandleys said...

Hey, I've seen all those pictures!! Oh and yes I will definitely be indulging over christmas, but I promise I wont rub it in your face!