Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Post

So I decided to try out a new template for our blog. I love it because it is so bright and happy! I got the idea from my sister-in-law (some times I wonder what I would do without her, she picks my paint color and tells me about good movies, what will she do for me next?), so I checked out this Blog. I instantly fell in love with the Aspen, and I thought it was fitting for our wedding blog, given that our colors are red and white. So I hope you enjoy and I will keep searching for fun blog layouts.

As you may have noticed, there is a huge picture of the band Oasis at the top of this post. I felt the need to let everyone know that we attended the Oasis concert in Calgary on Saturday August 30, 2008. It was a blast! It definitely provided some much needed nostalgia, as they played 4, count it 4, songs off of their (What's the Story) Morning Glory album, which we all know was the best (hee, hee, hee). The music was awesome, the lights so bright I wore sunglasses, but the energy was missing from the crowd and band (Noel said he had a cold, atleast that's what we think he said. Personally, I think he was tanked!). The highlight of our night was an adventurous trip on the train. We got to meet some sweet English rowdies who were willing to take a swing for us when one of Calgary's more "colorful" inhabitants smushed Anthony into a seat. Thanks Guys, you made the night!

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