Monday, August 4, 2008


So, as promised, here are some photos of some fine looking people who went out to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn. I think that these pics are awesome and that we were super hot! At the release party at Chapters, Anthony won a free book for being "Best Dressed" and Brock was interviewed by a report from City TV about Twilight. All in All, it was a fun evening, followed by a long reading session.

Also, because I was not able to send this into the people who dreamed it up, I wanted to post a picture of my contribution to the "Twilight Hour". This was a project created by a group of people not so patiently awaiting the release of Breaking Dawn. I thought it was really unique and right up my alley, so I joined in.

The purpose was to show your support and anticipation of Breaking Dawn by wearing the phrase ".: The Twilight Hour :." on your left hand around your thumb (where Bella was bitten). You could then submit your photo to a website and the photo's were combined into a movie (available on You Tube). I wasn't able to send mine because our computer network was down, but now that my photos are available, here is my contibution!

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Jessie said...

You guys do look great! Must have been a fun night! Too bad I was sleeping!!