Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 3

Today was much better. I have made it through the day with only 1. Count it, 1! I am really proud of myself. I went all the way until 4:30 and then I decided to have a half of a smoke. It made me really dizzy. Then I waited until 7:30 to have the rest. They don't really feel as good as they used to. I hope that means this is getting easier. Anyways, I decided that even if I can only get down to one a day, that is alright with me. I will keep trying to have a zero day, but I am at peace with the idea that I might have days that are harder and days that are easier. Oh, and the smoking before bed theory was no good. Still couldn't sleep. We'll see how tonight goes, sans smoking. Oh, and I found a great cigarette replacement. Crazy Cakes mini cupcakes. They totally killed my cravings, although I think they might become one of their own. Brock doesn't approve, and for all of you who have participated in the food controversy of late, you can understand what tactic he used to convince me. Ha, ha, real funny honey!

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