Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Alone...

So, Brock is off to New York with his brother Trevor and their dad Ralph. This means that I am currently home alone. BORING!!! Oh well, atleast I can't say that so far it hasn't been exciting. Brock left for Calgary Thursday night, all I did was chill and get sick. Friday, I was abruptly woken at 2:30 am by our great friends (and I truly mean that) Anton & Marcy telling me that they were headed to the hospital because Marcy was in labour. I got such an early wake-up call because I was lucky enough to be allowed to babysit their wonderfully fluffy little pom. Friday was a day spent on the edge of my seat awaiting any news about the new little wonder. Anthony and I went to the mall and dinner to pass the time (because he told Brock he'd not let me bored). We were trying to decide how to pass time until a movie that neither of us wanted see when Anton called to say that they had a baby girl. So off the hospital we raced. I was luck enough that they found me a mask so I could go in to see the hours-old little miracle! she is beautiful and I have never been more proud or excited for any of my friends! They havn't picked a name yet, but as soon as they do, I will let you know!

Today has started off slow, my cold has gotten worse I think and I am waiting to hear from Anton and Marcy (yup still) to see if they will be going home today. If they do, I will be off to Calgary until Sunday night to do canning with my mom. If not, I'll be hanging out with a bunch of wild dogs that you'd think I found in a field somewhere for how fiesty they are. Humph. All the while, Brock is having a blast in New York. Oh well, I got to see the baby first...hehehe!

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Jessie said...

Sorry you are bored. You could always come hang out at my noisy house. We say Anton and Marcie at the hospital yesterday. My sister in law was their roommate! She had a little boy early Saturday morning.