Monday, September 1, 2008


So, to most peoples surprise (I am sure), I am announcing that today was my first day smoke-free. Well, at least I would love to say that, but I did have 2 smokes to get me through. Pretty good I think since I typically smoke between 7 and 10 a day. I went for a straight 15hrs without having one, and then I only took 4 puffs to take the edge off. Unfortunately, after that it was significantly harder to not have a smoke, but today is just day 1. Tomorrow will be easier. As long as work is not too stressful. I won't bore you all with my tale of struggle and Brock's almost insanity because of me (who knew that smokers could be so emotional when they were not smoking)! I still look at it as I have quit, but sometimes I need something to take the edge off. I told a frend of mine that if I can put off having a smoke until the evening, that is all I am asking. Because one day, the evening will come and I won't want that one. And I can always try again tomorrow if I do want it. So, until tomorrow, wish me luck!


Jessie said...

I am excited to hear your news!! I will be thinking of you as I conquer my diet pop challenge. As of today none for me! We will just have to cheer each other on every chance we get!

The Brandleys said...

Hooray good for you! I'll try and think of things to take the edge off so maybe that will help! We are so proud!