Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slow to get well

So I have been surprisingly absent from the computer over the past week. Work has been very tiring yet fulfilling. I have been fighting my sickness and Brock returned home to come down with my sickness also. I was ticked because I had to suffer through the worst of my cold without him and then he comes home, gets sick and has me to look after him. Bah humbug!!! Anyways, his trip was (apparently) awesome and I will post photos soon, but as before I have run into the problem of transferring photos. Good news however! On his trip, Brock got so ticked off at the camera that he bought me a new one! It is super cool and blue! So, from now on I just have to plug it in and pull the photos off (as soon as I learn how to take them...).

Anton and Marcy named their little girl Abigail Rose and we have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet, with all of the sickness going around. This weekend is looking good though. I will post more in the next day or two, including photos of the trip.

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